October 11, 2016

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessments and Reports

Bushfire risk assessment and management is now a major component of all development planning in bushfire prone areas across Tasmania.

Enviro-dynamics is able to provide BAL assessments and Bushfire Hazard Management Plans for projects ranging from residential extensions and new dwellings to large and small subdivisions through our accredited bushfire practitioners.

Assessments are often carried out in conjunction with natural values assessments to minimize impacts on important natural values and to address local government planning requirements such as the Biodiversity Protection Code. By undertaking both the bushfire and natural values assessment at the same time we can strike a balance between vegetation removal and retention.


Residential Development – We have carried out BAL assessment and BHMP for over 60 residential developments and extension across 10 municipalities in Tasmania.

Subdivision – BAL assessments and BHMP for over 40 subdivision ranging from small 1 lot subdivision to larger 30+ developments.

Example – 28 lot subdivision, Huon Highway, Grove – BAL Assessment and Bushfire Hazard Management Plan for all lots (including staging and firetrail network).

Visitor Accommodation – Example: Mt Louis Road, Tinderbox – BAL Assessment and Bushfire Hazard Management Plan (including Emergency Evacuation Plan).

Measuring tree diameter (dbh)
Measuring tree diameter (dbh)