October 11, 2016

Environmental Impact Assessments

A core component of Enviro-dynamics service delivery is environmental impact assessments. These range from individual house development sites to large sub-division proposals and infrastructure projects.  Typically, these projects involve flora and fauna assessments, although we have also managed projects which involve a cultural heritage component. For example, the Hobart City Council Fire Trails project which includes the assessment of natural and cultural values in relation to planning and regulations across 118 sites.

Enviro-dynamics regularly undertakes assessments for sub-divisions and housing developments. These can range from large developments down to house extensions. This is often undertaken in tandem with Bushfire Hazard Management Planning as we hold accreditation to undertake this service in Tasmania. We offer a friendly service translating the planning regulations for landholders.

We have also completed the flora and fauna assessment for Tasmanian Irrigation of the Swan irrigation pipeline. This involved survey of 32 km of pipeline for threatened flora and fauna values. We have undertaken 28 similarly sized projects in Queensland on mining and associated transport infrastructure for environmental offsets. These projects assess the Regional Ecosystem type and condition in relation to Qld State legislation and the Australian Government EPBC Act. We also undertake GIS modelling looking for offsets in relation to specified criteria associated with proposed developments.

No project too big or too small for this section of the business. So give us a call and we will be happy to provide a quote for services.

Detailed search of forest floor
Detailed search of forest floor