October 11, 2016

Natural Resource Management

Enviro-dynamics delivers efficient and effective NRM projects focused on increasing catchment and landscape resilience. We deliver programs on weed management, conservation and agri-best practice. Our agri-best practice programs, for example Dairy Cares for the Derwent and the Pasture Hub, focus on improving soil health and water quality by working with farmers to achieve real outcomes on the ground. We also undertake revegetation and riparian restoration projects and large scale coordinated weed management programs. Please visit www.derwentcatchment.org for more information on the range of NRM programs we deliver under contract for the Derwent Catchment Project.

Enviro-dynamics has the skills base to cover a broad range of areas with a strong focus on the translation of science into practical programs within a broader landscape context. This has included delivery of NRM programs as well as training for organisations in field survey techniques, GIS and management planning. For example, GIS and GPS training for Tasmanian Threatened Plant Network.

Protected area planning and management is also a service we offer.  We write protected area plans and threat specific management plans for local and State Government, e.g. Phytophthora cinnamomi management plan for Tasman National Park, 6 separate plans for Clarence City Council and 4 for Huon Valley Council. We have also completed a Master Plan for the Roscommon Reserve and supported a Master Plan for Phillip Island Nature Parks. As well as writing a co-management plan for the Russel Park in the Bunya Mountains, Qld.

We have also undertaken analysis of the State of the Parks evaluation for Parks Victoria and provided linkages to GIS and management outcomes. This was also followed by an analysis of an evaluation of Thailand’s National Parks. This work is linked to Josie’s PhD research outcomes and demonstrates the statistical and GIS modelling ability within our group.

Dairy Cares media launch
Dairy Cares media launch