October 11, 2016

Research and Development

Research projects we are currently involved in are:

Swift Parrot long term population monitoring and distribution program. This involves survey and nest monitoring to build understanding of the species and its health.  See http://www.anu.edu.au/news/all-news/tasmanias-swift-parrot-set-to-follow-the-dodo

We are also involved through our NRM service delivery in two research projects in the Derwent Catchment:

  1. Miena Cider Gum recovery – we have undertaken a review of sub-population health and established replicable long-term monitoring sites. The survey has allowed us to report on where conservation actions can be most beneficially implemented for effective conservation of this species.
  2. Feral pests in the Derwent – we are involved in a camera trapping project designed to build understanding of pest densities in the Derwent Catchment.
  3. Pasture Hub – this project has established pasture enclosures on 14 commercial farming properties across the Derwent Catchment and regularly measures Leaf Emergence Rate (LER) and Pasture Growth Rate (kg DM/ha/day) on both irrigated and dryland pasture. This data is available on the website, along with calculation tools and support in simple language to assist graziers to develop pasture measurement skills and their own pasture budget.

With our skill set we are able to undertake projects which involve flora, fauna, conservation biology, landscape ecology, community engagement and monitoring & evaluation based research.

Collecting Miena Cider Gum seed
Collecting Miena Cider Gum seed